Parcours enfants à partir de 6 ans en toute sécurité

Discovery courses

Canyon Forest is back with brand new courses specially designed for the youngest adventurers !

We’re delighted to introduce you to our two new discovery courses: Oséfun and Aléhop ! These courses are perfectly suited to children aged 6 and over 1m10, offering a safe and fun experience.
With around fifteen games each, your little explorers will have the chance to discover an exciting adventure in the nature.
In addition, with the purchase of a ticket, your children will be able to enjoy each course twice !
Ready for an unforgettable adventure ? Join us today and let your children explore the magical world of rope course in complete safety.



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Our two discovery course
Parcours découverte enfants Aléhop

Blue course «Aléhop»

13 games.
Beginner level,
accessible from 6 years old and 1.10m tall .
Maximum height of the course : 3m.

  • 01 – Filet en U
  • 02 – Tonneau suspendu
  • 03 – Mur d’escalade
  • 04 – Rondins oscillants
  • 05 – Passerelle
  • 06 – Tyrolienne
  • 07 – Filet à marcher
  • 8 – Pas glissé
  • 9 – Via Ferrata
  • 10 -Filet nasse
  • 11 – Passerelle de rondins
  • 12 – Echelle à plat
  • 13 – Tyrolienne
«Aléhop», the blue course
With a maximum height of 3 metres, Aléhop is the ideal course for our budding mini-adventurers!
With a variety of fun obstacles such as suspended barrels, zip-lines and nets, we’ll help your children take their first steps into the world of rope course !
Aléhop, on the road to adventure!
Plan du parcours découverte Aléhop
Parcours découverte enfants Oséfun

Orange course «Oséfun»

15 games.
Intermediate level,
accessible from 6 years old and 1.10m tall.
Maximum height of the course : 5.50m.

  • 01 – Filet en U
  • 02 – Passerelle zig-zag
  • 03 – Via Ferrata
  • 04 – Tyrolienne
  • 05 – Plateaux suspendus
  • 06 – Trapèze bas
  • 07 – Pont n’est pas laid
  • 08 – Filet pirate
  • 09 – Tyrolienne
  • 10 – Poutre
  • 11 – Zig-zag suspendus
  • 12 – Tyrolienne
  • 13 – Mats de perroquet
  • 14 – Passerelle
  • 15 – Tyrolienne
«Oséfun», the orange course
Accessible to mini-adventurers from the age of 6 and a minimum height of 1m10, Oséfun is designed for those looking for an extra dose of adrenalin and excitement. At intermediate level, Oséfun offers a variety of exciting obstacles spread over around fifteen games.
Ready to dare to have some fun?
Plan du parcours découverte orange Oséfun

Kids will be kitted out with a helmet and a harness meeting the conditions of mountain equipment

Your safety is essential !

We have decided to use the Clic-it© intelligent lanyard system
so that you can constantly remain linked to the lifeline.

This equipment, next-generation, avoids any mis-handling :
the simultaneous opening of the 2 snap
hooks is impossible, and you can only hold on to the secured lifeline.
Therefore, you can exercise freely without ever risking falling to the ground.

These intelligent lifelines have recently evolved and are even easier to use. Even a child can easily make use of them.

This equipment meets the EN15567 norm which rules the practice of High Acrobatic courses.

Démonstration du matériel de sécurité
Once kitted out, as foreseen by the regulation, you will follow a brief training upon the use of your equipment and the exercise in our courses.
We will verify on ground games that you understood the basic rules.