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An eco-responsible park

Canyon Forest offers adventure trails that respect the environment and the natural setting..

Les gorges du loup vu du ciel
An amusement park integrated in the natural habitat.

We favour installations with cables, wood, ropes and nets, in colours close to nature. Everything is entirely removable and recyclable with a minimum impact on the environment.

Respect of soil’s biodiversity.

A tree breathes from its roots. The ground cannot be hardenned by trampling to keep a constant gaseous exchange. So, in order to protect the rooting network and the biodiversity required for the trees’ good health, the trails are beaconned and covered with wood chips.

Arrivée en vélo aux Parcours aventure
cime des arbres
A continuous care of our trees

The sap’s flow, the tree’s « life source » which feeds itself in the ground and makes go down from its canopy the energy coming from photosynthesis, is made on the tree’s rim, in the sapwood.
Our drilling fixation techniques on the trees are far more durable and respectful on a tree’s life.
They participate in a sustainable development under the NFOF’s (National Forestry Office of France) recommendations.

Parks without chemical products

Uncultivated areas and mosses are not only accepted but also preserved, no pesticide is used.
Clearing is manual and not much frequent. Weeds enrich the habitat and biodiversity : they are welcome !

Fougères et bois
Systèmes d'accroche non destructifs
Activities in green habitat reinstall nature in the centre of our world

It is thanks to nature that playing is possible, it is nature that offers to climb up in a tree, to slide along a natural slope, to seek the marks of a hidden life, such as the imps’, the undergrowth animals’ or the small creatures’ living in the wild grass’ flowerbed…

Activities that make you grow up

Here, the energy used is humans
and gravity.

Our activities are based on the player’s energy.
The game is a dance, sometimes with, sometimes against gravity.
On the opposite of an amusement ride where we are carried by mechanical means from a scenery to another and then « shaken » to live bodily sensations ; here, it is, physical activity that enables pleasure and amusement.

Le saut de Tarzan
Homme se tenant à la longe
The moving body :
A sensations machine

Children rediscover that they can do big things with their own energy and feel physical sensations of height, slide, speed, movement…

Learn to assume full responsibility

It is a learning process of height, slide and speed. Safety is an intimate comprehension. Young adults learn to distinguish a risky posture from a safe posture. Challenge is no more against another person but against nature and oneself.
Activities contribute to shape united, autonomous and responsible adults.

Jeune gens sur une paroi avançant prudemment
Jeune femme sur un pont de corde
To self-develop by playing

Here, everyone has to create his/her own way to overcome an obstacle. Call upon logical thought to play is the best education there is ! The emotion created while playing eases the learning process.
Animals do the same. Playing is proper to humans, whatever his/her age, and it is as essential as drinking, sleeping or eating.

An exceptional place

To feel closer to nature

This place is peculiar in a few ways. First of all the wood which edges the river is set between two walls of 80m tall, which gives to this area a microclimate. It is characterised by a humid habitat where the extreme temperatures are limited by the river. It never freezes here (on the opposite of the Rives du Loup’s Park only located 500m away from there) and the summer heatwave doesn’t make itself felt. Then, although on the seaside and limestone soil, the vegetation is not scrubland but a charming forest of Ostrya, Aspen and Bay tree. Moreover it is a canyon on the geological sense : the river existed before the mountain ! The 2 high cliffs that we can see are the borders of a limestone plateau which has been set up high by a push from the Pyrennees-Provence’s rocky area which started more than 40 million years ago. A river was already flowing there before and kept on weaving gradually as the limestone plateau was elevating. The walls cut by the water have remained abrupt as the rock is rather hard limestone.

Falaise du site Canyon Forest
Logo Natura 2000
In the heart of Natura 2000

The Gorges du Loup Natura2000’s site includes the lower part of the Loup river, on a few dozens of kms, and the great limestone gorges which surround it. Its particularity is the presence of bay trees from 10 to 15m tall. It is said to be a unique case in France.
Natura2000 is a european network of ecological sites from which the goals are to preserve the biological diversity and to add value to the natural heritage of our territories. This environmental approach is largely open on society and the aspirations of the site users.
It takes in account the cultural, economic and social dimensions carried by the inhabitants and makes this Natura2000 site the « life-size » laboratory of a reasoned arrangement of the territory.

To feel outside of time

Our parks are disorienting and overwhelming places where you are supposed to feel good : a wooded environment, no mechanical noise, the sweet roll of the river. Pic-nic tables are at your
disposal, parking is free, we do not have running water,
but we provide at your disposal drinking
water containers.

Temps de pause au milieu des bois
To conclude

You have figured out that what gets us going, it is to offer you, a stone’s throw away your home, playful installations, sensational and full of strong emotions, in a wooded and preserved environment. Something that we could sum up by our headline :

« Have fun naturally ! »