Femme se tenant à la longe

General Sales Conditions

1. Presentation

Registration to Alpes Azur Aventures SAS services involves the pure and simple acceptance of the following general conditions by the subscriber, who commits to inform each and every one of the participants of all the modalities.


Alpes Azur Aventures SAS company offers several activites. Adventures Courses and the Outdoor Laser Game are supervised by instructors who move around to guide and help if needed. The Outdoor Escape Game partly takes place in nature around our park, participants are partly independent. Canyoning takes place in a natural habitat participants will be guided by a state certified guide.

All of our activities are submitted to a compulsory briefing before practise.


Activities are done upon booking. To achieve this, you have several solutions : online, at reception
at 26 route de Grasse in Villeneuve-Loubet, or by phone +334 92 02 88 88.

Registration via our website is effective after total payment of the service once you receive a booking confirmation by email.


Alpes Azur Aventures SAS prices are shown on the website and on the activities brochure available at reception.

Prices include the purchased activity and also the individual protective equipment needed for the


Online payment is made with a bank card and on site with holiday voucher, bank card or cash.


Our activities are open to everyone ; nevertheless depending on activities and courses, some conditions are to take into account (age limit, technical level, physical condition, etc). Moreover
participants must be fully responsible of their mental and physical abilities.

It is every participant’s job to evaluate his own physical condition depending on the activity and the course choices he/she wishes to exercise.

You must not be subject of medical contraindication to the chosen activity’s practise.


Alpes Azur Aventures SAS is insured with Professionnal Indemnity Responsibility by MMA
Company under 113.903.073. registration number.

We highly recommend to each participant to carry personal civil liability insurance as well as an accident individual with his/her chosen insurance to practise playful sports. Indeed we will not be able to substitue to every participant’s individual civil liability.

Alpes Azur Aventures SAS is insured with professional indemnity for all the activities it offers, and its responsibility cannot be committed for the other services’ booked activities.

Each participant is aware, given the specific nature of the offered activities, that he can specific risks also due to the habitat’s specific nature (height, acrobatic activity that could result in falls, cliffs, etc.). The participant assumes in full knowledge of the cause and he must conform to the precaution rules and follow the advices given by the professionnals.

The participant is responsible of the equipment lended to him for the activity. In case of theft or
deterioration of the lended equipment, an indemnification related to use can be requested to the participant or a total refund of the equipment.

Alpes Azur Aventures SAS will not be held responsible in case of loss, theft (included in vehicles) or items damage (ex : glasses, shades, cameras…) that the participants may carry with them during the activity and that could happen over the activity.


7.1 Customer’s cancellation :

– Booking cancellation over 24h before : total refund.

– Booking cancellation under 24h before : no refund ; possibility to postpone the activity.

7.2 Delay
In any case, the client commits to warn Alpes Azur Aventures SAS of any modification related to
the booking as well as the headcount odification and delay.
If the client does not show up at the time scheduled of the booking, this booking will be cancelled.
It will eventually be postpone depending on the schedule availabity.

7.3 – Interruption during the service

In case of service interruption, especially in case of bad weather, participants will be able to get a
« rain credit » usable for a future booking.

The service will not be fully refunded and the participant cannot request any other kind of


Instructors have the right to ban an intoxicated participant or if his/her behaviour is bothering the activity or comprimising the other participants’ safety. In this case, the customer or participant will not get any sort of refund, or any compensation.


A time and place of meeting are systematically communicated. For the good run of activities, please make sure you planned your trips ahead of time in order to be on time. In case of delay no refund or compensation will be due.


Unaccompanied minors :

Minors under 14 unaccompanied by adults (legal guardian) are not accepted.

Uncacompanied minors between 14 and 16, can be accepted under a parental autorisation. In this
case, a parental autorisation will have to be signed by the legal guardian the day of the activity.


The gift voucher is effective after the service’s total amount reception..

The voucher is nominative. Although it can be transmitted to the person of your choice under the condition of warning us ahead of time to change the new bearer’s contact details.

The voucher’s bearer must contact us to book his activity.

It is possible to exercise an activity of a higher price if the difference is paid.

WARNING : The gift voucher has a deadline. Once the deadline is passed (current year), the service
will be considered done and will not be postponed. The bearer and/or the buyer, will not be able to request any sort of refund or compensation.

The gift voucher and the nominative document need to be shown the day of the activity.


The parties will try to amicably solve the eventual difficulties encountered within the contract
execution. If no amicable agreement can intervene, all litigation related to the validity, the
interpretation and the execution of the present convention will be exclusively ruled by the french
legal rights rules.

Any disagreement, whatever they may be, will go back to the french commercial and civil jurisdictions’s expertise, including ruling over as of emergency interim proceedings.

Any request must be adressed to Canyon Forest park’s customer relations department depending on the defined modalities in the general sales conditions. After reaching the customer relations
department and in the absence of a satisfying response within 60 days, the customer can take hold of the Tourism and Travel mediator, whose contact details and seized conditions are available on her/his website : www.mtv.travel